About Krk

The island of Krk is the northernmost island in the Mediterranean, located in the Kvarner Bay. It is the largest island in the Adriatic, with an area of ​​409.9 km2. There are about twenty islets, rocks and reefs around the island. Krk is the island with the most populated places, there are a total of 68. Today, 19,383 inhabitants live on the island (census 2011). The traditional way of life of the islanders is linked to the sea (fishing, seafaring, shipbuilding), agriculture and animal husbandry, especially sheep breeding, and this, along with other more recent activities, has remained on the island until today.

Explore the Golden Island of Krk, take advantage of its proximity and accessibility, discover its rich history and tradition through beautiful stories and interesting things that make it wonderful and mysterious, or find your favorite beach full of sounds, smells and colors...

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Activities for the family on the island of Krk

There is no doubt that Croatia has become the TOP vacation destination for all party goers, history lovers and families. Here on the island of Krk, we pride ourselves as a family destination, and how could we not? With safe beaches, amusement parks and aquariums, the island of Krk offers plenty of entertainment for those traveling with babies, children and teenagers.

TOP 3 hidden beaches on the island of Krk

Some of the most beautiful beaches on earth are located on Krk, an island surrounded by crystal clear sea, which is why it is called the "blue flag island". There are many beaches there, some are public and easily accessible, while others are hidden in coves that can only be reached by boat. We have made a list of those slightly hidden, but heavenly - here are our TOP 3 hidden beaches on the island of Krk!

On the island of Krk you can have both - an active holiday / pure hedonism

During the summer, the city of Krk turns into a very interesting place with numerous festivals and concerts. Throughout the year, it offers its guests interesting facilities, mild climate, recreation, greenery. The interior of the island is entwined with bicycle paths that challenge cyclists to explore the landscape, as well as the gastronomic offer. 

The island of Krk offers everything - a vacation close to civilization, but also a vacation far from civilization

On the island of Krk, the administrative, political, economic and religious center is the city of Krk. We know that the prehistoric city of Curicta (Krk) was fortified by walls, which have been constantly being built and renovated since the end of the 15th century, that is, since the beginning of Venetian rule on the island.